Wire funds from my Credit Union Account

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Outgoing Wiring Instructions

If you are wiring funds from your Capital City Press Federal Credit Union Account you will need to know the exact routing instructions. Not all banks are online with the Federal Reserve Bank and route money through larger banks that are online. Before you complete our wire transfer request you will need to call the receiving bank to get the correct information. You will also need to know the name, address, account number and phone number for every account the money is routed through.

Deadline for Wire Transfers to be completed on the same day is 1:00 p.m.

Receiving Beneficiary Bank: Name of Bank receiving funds
Receiving Bank Address
Receiving Bank phone number
Routing (ABA) Number: Receiving Bank (ABA Number)
For final credit to:  
Credit Account Name: Name listed on the receiver's account
Receiver's address
Receiver's daytime phone number
Credit Account Number: Receiver's account number at the bank listed above

If you need assistance with your wire transfer please contact a member of our Financial Services Team 225-761-5111