VISA Access

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VISA Cash Advance

We process VISA cash advances at our teller window for a nominal fee. For additional information contact our office at 225-761-5111

ATM locations

Using your card internationally

Let us know when you will be out of the country using your card. For security reasons we have block transaction originating from Mexico. Check with us prior to your departure. Also refer our VISA Credit Card Agreement or VISA Debit Card Agreement for more information about foreign transaction fees.

We contract with a company to monitor fraudulent card activity. Foreign transactions outside the USA may cause your card to be blocked if the Falcon fraud department cannot reach you. Verify that we have your current information on file.

Sign up for VISA Credit Card online access

A summary of your credit card account can be accessed via our online banking. However, if you need to view your transactions history and manage your account online can sign in to

Through eZCardInfo you can:

  • Have free 24/7 access to your VISA account
  • View the most recent transactions on your card, account balance, payment due date, minimum payment amount and more.
  • View and print statements from the last 18 months
  • Set up email alerts for things such as a payment due, credit limit being reached, purchase exceeds a certain dollar amount, etc.
  • View expense reports based off of your VISA usage

VISA Online Access

VISA Credit Card Voice Response

To access your VISA Credit Card information day or night can call 1-800-808-7230. Be prepared to answer a few security questions.