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Payday Loan

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This program was designed to help our members break the payday loan cycle and establish a routine savings plan. This program requires $25 deposit of each advance to be deposited into a savings plan. So Instead of paying high charges and fees to the payday lender you will pay yourself first. You will not be able to access this savings account while you are in the program. Overtime you will no longer need to rely on payday loans and will have saved enough money to cover any unexpected expenses. To learn more about this program contact a member of our Financial Services Team. Certain restrictions apply and limits are established based on the amount of your direct deposit. The rates and fees for this program are nominal.

Purchase a Vehicle

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Checklist- Purchasing from Dealer
Checklist - Purchasing from Individual

Purchasing a new or used vehicle can be stressful. Let a member of Financial Services Team help walk you through the process of purchasing and financing your next vehicle. We offer competitive rates of interest and can help you find a vehicle that fits within your budget. We can assist you with purchasing Credit life and Credit disability insurance that will protect your investment if you are unable to make your monthly payments. We also offer incentives for automatic payments and offer other products such as GAP Insurance and a Vehicle Warranty Program.

Refinance your Vehicle

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Checklist- Transfering from another lender

Maybe you decided that you are not happy with the terms of your loan or you just want to transfer your loan to the credit union for the convenience. There are several reasons that refinancing your vehicle makes good sense. Transferring your loan is an easy process. Simply bring in your last statement or coupon book. We will take care of the rest. If you would like to compare your current plan to what the credit union can offer, please contact a member of our Financial Services Team.

School Tuition Loans K-12

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From kindergarten through high school seniors, we offer 9 or 12 month repayment plans. Just bring us a copy of the tuition bill and we can take care of the rest. We offer competitive rates and automatic payment plans. Contact a member of our Financial Services Team today.

Shares Pledged Loan

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If you are interested in the lowest rate available or are trying to establish a credit history you can open a loan pledged against your savings account balance. You are basically repaying yourself however; you are also establishing a credit record to prove that you're a responsible borrower. For more information contact a member of our Financial Services Team.

Property Loans

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Purchasing property to build your dream home or as an investment? We offer competitive rates on loans for unimproved property for a maximum term of 12 years. We will finance up to 90% of the appraised value of the property. Contact a member of our Financial Services Team for more information.

Home Equity Loans

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Need extra money for home improvements, college tuition or your daughter's wedding? Consider a home equity loan. We offer competitive fixed rates and flexible repayment terms. Contact a Financial Services Representative today.

Mortgage Loans (Maximum term 15 years)

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Contact a Financial Services Representative about rate and availability on 1st mortgage loan money. Because we do not sell our mortgage loans on the secondary market we do not offer longer terms. We also limit our investment in large, long term loans to a small percentage of our total loan portfolio. Contact a Financial Services Representative today.

Overdraft Protection

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We offer overdraft protection lines up to $1,000.00, to cover your checking account in the event of an overdraft. Contact a Financial Services Representative today.