VISA Debit Card Program

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(Transactions are debited from your checking account)

The VISA Debit card functions like any VISA card at a point of sale (POS) terminal, except that when used the transaction amount is debited from your checking account. Your CCPFCU VISA card may also be used as an ATM card. When used strictly as an ATM card, you may debit your savings or checking account. Although the VISA Debit card functions like a regular VISA card, it is not a credit card. It is an extension of your checking account with all purchases being deducted from you available checking balance. If you use your debit card and press the credit button this simply means that you will sign for your purchases however, the money is still deducted from your checking. Some stores with (POS) point of service terminals allow cash back on transactions using your (PIN) Personal Identification Number. This is a safe and convenient way to get quick cash while you are shopping. Apply for your Visa Debit card today. Your VISA debit card may be used to make purchases or used at any ATM machine anywhere the VISA logo is displayed. If you have additional questions about this program contact a member of our Financial Services Team or if you want to learn more about debit cards and how they work visit

For security reasons there are daily limits on using your card.
Maximum ATM withdrawal per day:    $300.00
Maximum POS withdrawal per day:   $750.00
Maximum time the card can be used per day:  10
Funds available:    100% of the balance less any authorizations on hold.

If your accounts are linked or you have an overdraft protection loan, your transaction will be approved based on 100% of the combined available balances less any authorizations on hold. If you would like to set up an overdraft sequence or apply for overdraft protection contact us at 225-761-5111.
Network Access:    Pulse, VISA
ATM withdrawal fee:   $1.00 per transaction (plus terminal charge)

Some POS terminals will allow cash back when making a purchase using your PIN number. The credit union doesn’t charge for these types of transactions
Other restrictions: Even though your overdraft sequence may include your regular share account, keep in mind transfers are limited to 6 per month. Loan accounts delinquent over 30 days may cause your debit card not to work

Cash back from participating retailers

PIN debit allows you to make purchases at retailers with PIN pads and receive cash back at participating merchants. When you enter your personal identification number (PIN) to complete a debit transaction, the transaction is processed immediately and is reflected in your account almost instantly.You can request "cash back" with PIN debit purchases at participating merchant locations. To take advantage of this opportunity, simply select "yes" when the terminal asks you if you want cash back with your transaction, then select an amount from the choices offered. Not all PIN debit merchants offer cash back, and the amount of cash available may vary, so be sure to ask.

Using your card internationally

Let us know when you will be out of the country using your card. For security reasons we have block transaction originating from Mexico. Check with us prior to your departure. Also refer to our VISA Credit Card Agreement or VISA Debit Card Agreement for more information about foreign transaction fees.

We contract with a company to monitor fraudulent card activity. Foreign transactions outside the USA may cause your card to be blocked if the Falcon fraud department cannot reach you. Verify that we have your current information on file.

VISA Debit Card online

You can view your debit card transaction in your checking account history. Please contact our IT department between 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday to gain access. If you are having trouble logging in please call during business hours and ask for the IT department.