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About Us

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Wouldn't it be nice to do your banking where you are treated like you own the place? Well here at your member-owned credit union, you do! From higher rates on savings and investments to lower rates on loans, plus free checking and plenty of day or night access, we're always "looking out for you."

Since 1950, Capital City Press Federal Credit Union has offered financial products and services to present, former and retired employees of various organizations. Check with us to determine if you are eligible to join.

Credit Union membership is available to immediate family members of the primary employee. This includes; spouse, parents, children, sisters, brothers, grandchildren, grandparents, step or foster children. Plus, membership is to the spouse's immediate family as well. You're encouraged to make the benefits of credit union membership a family affair.

Capital City Press Federal Credit Union belongs to the Credit Union Service Center which is part of a national credit union network. This means you can access funds at over 2,000 credit unions nationwide. So when you're out of town your credit union is there with you. There are over 30 local service center locations. For a list of participating credit unions log on to You can also manage your credit union accounts via the telephone with our voice response system or through the internet via our online banking.

All deposits are insured to $250,000 per member by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. government agency. Share Insurance Tool Kit

Join us!

We're a member owned and member-friendly place where employees like yours can get better deals on savings, loans, checking and investments every day. Offer credit union membership at your company as an employee benefit. It is free and your employees will thank you for access to great loan rates and the opportunity to save automatically each payday.

If you are interested in offering your employees the benefits of credit union membership please contact Kathy Smith at 225-761-5111 x24.